Numax DC25MF 95ah sealed leisure battery - low box height


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Numax DC25MF 

12v 95ah deep cycle battery for leisure and marine use, including electric outboard motors. Only 190mm high, fits under the seat in motorhomes.

Please note we no longer stock this battery. Please see the
 Monbat 100ah low box battery here
. The Monbat battery has the same case size, warranty and 5ah more capacity.

L350mm x W172mm x H190mm

Round posts

Maintenance free deep cycle leisure battery

Class leading 4 year warranty

95Ah C20 rating

Higher cycle life and durability compared to the CXV range

Please note, if you need a slightly lower specification battery, with lower cycle life and durability but higher engine start capabilities, please see our Numax  CXV battery.

The Numax/ Lucas deep cycle DC battery range is fitted as original equipment by manufacturers throughout the world. With its twin terminals and sealed calcium construction - this makes it 100% maintenance free. 

The durable deep cycle design makes it ideal for those that wild camp or spend extended periods on their boats.

Due to the deep cycle nature of the battery, it can also be used in industrial applications such as traffic light and portable solar signs.



Amp hours ah 105
Voltage V 12
Length mm 330
Width mm 172
Total Height mm 242
Cold Cranking 1000CCA
Layout LH+
Warranty 4 years
Terminal Dual post
Application Deep Cycle and start
Battery type Sealed Calcium Maintenance Free
Hold Down NA