Haze AGM Golf Battery 33EX (41AH)


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Haze AGM Golf Battery 33EX (41AH)


Haze AGM Golf Battery

The latest evolution of the Haze Golf Battery range far exceeds anything else on the market. 

With 45% more power in the same case size as other manufacturers, this battery can do up to 36 holes where other manufacturers can only do 27. {Note that other manufacturers refer to their equivalent as an 18 or 22AH battery). Can I use this higher capacity battery? Yes, of course - you can replace an 24 or 26AH battery with this Haze product without issue.

The increase in battery amp hour capacity also means an increase in lifespan and longevity.

Batteries can be fitted in any orientation except upside down.

Buy with confidence - all our batteries are covered by a 1 year guarantee. 

Battery Details

Voltage: 12 volt

Amp Hour (20Hr Rate): 41ah

Length: 196mm

Width: 131mm

Height: 160mm