D400 Industrial Wind Turbine - 24V


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D400 Industrial Wind Turbine - 24V


The D400 Industrial - for high wind sites

The D400 industrial was developed specifically for installations ar high wind sites. Mechanically the D400 Industrial is similar to the standard D400, however the yaw shaft has been strengthened to withstand increased wind loading. Siting the turbine at a high wind site should mean a higher sustained output - in turn leading to issues with internal heating within the turbine. The D400 is capable of producing 750 watts at speeds above 20 m/s - for a 12 volt machine this results in currents of 60 amps. This high current generation in turn produces a lot of heat within the turbine windings which need to be dissipated.

The Industrial D400 acheives this is 2 ways;

  1. The Industrial version has internal sensing that can switch the stator windings from star to delta as temperature rises.
  2. If temperatures continue to rise the D400 has the added protection of a thermal cut out sensor and switch. When the thermal cut out is activated the turbine becomes open circuit and no current flows.
  3. Once the alternator cools, the turbine will automatically reconnect

Both the D400 and D400 industrial can be fitted with 70% and 50% air blades which product swept areas of 0.7m2 and 0.5ms - reducing the loading in high wind speeds.

One of the best small turbines we have come across.

The D400 is a direct drive wind turbine which has been designed for both marine and land based applications. The D400 is extremely robust, quiet and vibration during operation. It is available with 12, 24, 48 and 72 volt outputs. The turbine has been designed for long, trouble free service and features a powerful 3 phase alternator and computer designed blades optimised for low speeds.

This innovative wind turbine is extremely efficient in low wind speeds and yet is still capable of producing sustained outputs of over 500 watts in higher wind speeds.

To put things in perspective, this is the only turbine that we recommend for extreme installation locations such as remote telecom sites and buoys in the Atlantic Ocean. Where other turbines fail, the D400 just keeps generating!


Key benefits

  • Extremely robust - no cut out wind speed
  • Engineered to provide high utputs at both low and high wind speeds
  • Low cut in wind speed
  • Aluminium housing, hermetically sealed
  • 316 stainless steel shafts and A4 stainless fasteners
  • Maximum power 600w +
  • Available in standard and industrial (changes between start and delta) setup with 100%, 70% and 50% blades depending on installation environment


  • 235w @ 11m/s (22 knots), 420w @ 14m/s (28 knots)
  • 600w + max output
  • 100 RPM @ 14m/s
  • Cut in speed - 2.5m/s (5 knots)
  • Cut out speed - none

Turbine features

  • Horizontal axis upwind
  • 5 blades
  • Low Reynolds - Variable Camber Airfoil
  • 1.1m turbine diameter
  • Swept area 0.95m2
  • Tip speed ratio 4
  • Noise - typically 2 - 6dbA over background
  • Blades - glass filed nylon

Alternator features

  • Direct drive - axial field
  • 12 pole pmg
  • 3 phase AC with rectification - direct DC output
  • Annular high energy magnet rotors
  • CE compliant EMI
  • Control system - stall regulation
  • Brake system - Electromagnetic braking switch

Yaw system

  • Passive - low resonance, formed aluminium tail
  • Heavy duty slip ring assembly with saddle spring loaded output bushes
  • Turning circle 700mm


  • Mounting - typical stub tower 50mm - 70mm
  • Weight - 17kg
  • Finish - white with white blades or black with translucent blades