Crown CR 220 6v 220Ah deep cycle flooded battery (T105 type)


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Crown CR 220 6v 220Ah deep cycle flooded battery (T105 type)

The Crown CR220 is a 6v, 220ah flooded deep cycle battery - design and manufactured in the USA. This is a standard GC2 case size, so this battery can be used to replace Trojan T105, Trojan T605, Global Yuasa GC2-105 and other batteries in the same case family. Use this battery with confidence in industrial machinery, golf carts, off grid and renewable energy applications.

Nominal Capacity 220AH (20hr rate), 180ah (5hr rate)

Voltage: 6 v

Reserve capacity: 110 mins @ 75a

Length: 260mm

Width:  197mm

Height: 278mm

Weight: 27.2kg

The ‘Heads-up’ winner

What do Crown say about their batteries?

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the “power”challenges and individual needs of the industry leaderswith the best available products and services in the fieldof heavy-duty commercial deep cycle batteries.A company wide dedication to quality control and continualimprovement has earned Crown Battery the highestquality and service rating in the industry.We put more into our deep cycle batteries,so you can get more out of them.

More productivity with less maintenance.

Thicker and Heavier plates, combined withheavy strap and intercell connections is the‘Crown’ signature.

Manufactured to exact standards to deliverthe longest runtime and battery life.

More performancefeatures & benefits

Crown outperforms the competition inhead to head tests over and over again...