12V 6TB Wind Charge Controller - Twin Battery


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12V 6TB Wind Charge Controller - Twin Battery


The regulator is designed to sense and limit the output voltage of a D400 wind generator to 14.0 – 14.2 volts (12V models) or 28.0 – 28.4 volts (24V models) and thus prevent batteries becoming over charged. It includes a voltage monitoring / PWM circuit, a Power Mosfet, and two Schottky Blocking Diodes, which allows the D400 generator to charge two batteries totally independent of each other, therefore making it ideal for separate charging of engine starting and domestic batteries. The battery with the lowest terminal voltage will be charged first, then when both batteries become fully charged the D400 generator’s output is automatically diverted to the dump resistors. This does two things: it stops the batteries over-charging; and it keeps the generator always on load. The 6TB charge regulator is relatively unique in that it dumps excess energy on the turbine side of the charge controller, rather than on the battery side.

WARNING! The regulator is potted to fully protect the electronics for a marine environment so the warnings below must be carefully followed as THE UNITS ARE NOT REPAIRABLE.

1. Whilst initially wiring in the D400 and the regulator, or carrying out future maintenance, ie. removing battery terminals for cleaning or replacing battery, it is MOST IMPORTANT THAT THE D400 WIND ROTOR IS STATIONARY, so that it produces no output. This eliminates the most damaging situation where the regulator is not connected to a battery but to the open circuit voltage of the D400.

2. The output cable from the D400 MUST be connected to the regulator with the correct polarity. (+ to + RED TO RED) (- to – BLACK TO BLACK)

3. The dump resistors MUST always be connected to the regulator via the GREY cables.

4. There are two RED cables leaving the regulator. One must be attached to the + POSITIVE terminal of battery No. 1 and the other RED cable to battery No. 2.

5. The BLACK negative cable leaving the regulator must be connected to a – NEGATIVE terminal on one of the batteries. A heavy duty common negative link cable must be connected between the two batteries.